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CdM Baseball Starts the Season Strong

By Megan Moore, 03/06/17, 8:30AM PST


CdM baseball kicked off the season by playing Laguna Beach High School on March 2nd. The crowd was large and the spirits were high as the boys began their first game.

Junior Chaz Martinez was a key player and pitched throughout the duration of the game with many strikes. Additionally, he was thorough about checking for the other team’s players stealing bases and got them out multiple times.
Senior Alex Shadid stole home base in a suspenseful face-off and thus the score became 1-0. The crowd erupted into cheers and the success of the boy’s practice finally began to show.

Even though CdM fought hard, Laguna Beach showed a great amount of persistence and the game was shifted back and forth in momentum. Laguna Beach scored and the game was tied at 1-1.

JT Schwartz hit a powerful double that stumped the Laguna Beach outfielders. Right after, Martinez blew the crowd away by hitting a home-run, bringing the score to 2-1. His teammates embraced him back into the dugout with embraces and cheers.

Schwartz then had a great ground ball in the outfield and passed it to first baseman Hayden Thompson to get out a Laguna player.
Senior Lucas Ciachurski slid home and scored another point for CdM.
Both teams struggled for the upper hand but CdM consistently kept the higher score throughout the game. The game ended with a victorious 5-3 lead.

Boys baseball has a promising season ahead and if their first game was any indicator, there are many smashing wins in their future.

You can catch their next home game on Monday, March 6th